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Cameroon is a republic in Africa where gambling is permitted. This activity was first regulated here in 1989, but it’s still in the early days, as this worldwide phenomenon has not yet impacted that much the people of Cameroon. There may a few reasons why it is an activity practised on a low scale. First of all, there are only a few land-based casinos which are licensed in this country. They are mainly located in luxurious hotels and they are mostly frequented by tourists. The rest of the gambling establishments are not licensed, as they fail to comply with the new legislation. Probably they are seen as places where corrupt people can launder money.

The actual gambling law was first written in 1989 and it was rewritten in 2004. This law doesn’t mention anything about online gambling, probably because in 2004 it wasn’t very spread. If land-based casinos (at least the licensed ones) are not very accessible for the people of Cameroon, they can still try to gamble over the internet, but unfortunately, only around 10% of the population has access to the internet. However, this fact can improve significantly as it was shown a stable growth for internet coverage in this country.   

Cameroon casinos

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Best Online Casino Bonuses for Cameroon

If just a small percentage of people have access to the internet, you can imagine that not all of them are hardcore gamblers. Significant investments in the telecom industry can seriously increase the internet coverage in this country. Since there are no regulations for online gambling and only a minority has access to the internet, there is no known online casino based in Cameroon. However, this doesn’t mean that players from this country don’t have a place where they can gamble. A few of the most famous websites can accept players from this country. There are a few facts to consider when selecting such a website, but amongst the most important are the casino bonuses.

There can be a few types of bonuses like the welcome bonus or the fidelity bonus. The welcome bonus can match your deposit by 100% or even more, but up to a certain amount of money. In many cases, the offer includes a few extra free spins, which can come very handy when you’re playing video slots on these websites. The fidelity bonus is when such a website offers something for your fidelity (if you already are a frequent user for a period of time).

When it comes to the welcome package some of the most interesting casinos are:

  • Unibet which can match your deposit by 200%, or up to 200 £. It can also offer 10 free spins;
  • NetBet matches your initial deposit by 100% or up to 200 £ and it can also offer you the additional 10 free spins;
  • VideoSlots Casino can offer you 100% of your deposit, or up to 200 €, plus an additional 10 €.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

Gambling legislation only refers to brick and mortar establishments, there is no mention of online casinos. The gambling activity is regulated by the latest law issued in 2004. At this moment, players from this country are free to select any website they prefer, as there is no authority which can forbid any online casino in Cameroon.

Cameroon Online Casinos

Players from Cameroon are accepted on plenty of international gambling websites and the lack of legislation regarding such websites means no filter from the authorities. This may be a good thing, but also can negative impacts. Regulations and licenses are meant to establish if such a website is secure enough to operate and handle sensitive data from its users. Therefore, picking an online casino is not the easiest thing to do, as there are a few aspects you need to look for, especially when there is no Gambling Commission to make sure the websites are safe. (like in the case of Cameroon)

The most important facts when choosing such a website are:

  • A reliable casino should have high-tech encryption and top of the notch RNG system. All these features are meant to protect the player, so before making a decision this may be the first thing to look for. Famous casinos provide the best security solutions, so choosing such a website is a safe bet;
  • Currency and exchange rate. Before selecting a casino you have to be sure that you can make a deposit in your national currency (in this case the CFA franc) and then convert it into an international currency like the US dollar, euro or British pounds. It’s very hard (if not impossible) to find a website which uses the CFA franc;
  • The bonuses offered. There is always a welcome package which may consist in offering a free amount of money in exchange for the deposit and/or free spins. The fidelity bonuses are very hard to discover before registering to a website;
  • The video slots and games available. You will need to look for slots from the most trusted names in this business (Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, NextGen, BetSoft, IGT, Yggdrasil Gaming or a few other developers);
  • The payment instruments you can use to make deposits or to withdraw money. Most of them would include the card (debit/card), PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and many others;
  • The withdrawal process. You need to find out how long the withdrawal process takes and if it involves any fees. The same day withdrawal is highly unlikely, but, still, you can get a one-day withdrawal instead of 7 working days.

Which Are the Best Online Casinos for Cameroon Players in 2018?

The top rated gambling websites which can accept players from Cameroon are Unibet, NetBet, BGO, Casilando, VBet, LuckySlots Casino and many more.

How to Gamble From Your Mobile Device?

The progress of technology in Cameroon is simply impressive because at this moment there is a massive growth of internet coverage. This also helps online gambling, especially if it’s done using a mobile device. For mobile gambling you would need:

  • A fast and reliable internet connection (3G or higher, or Wifi);
  • A trustworthy mobile device with high RAM memory and decent graphics;
  • A downloaded casino app on your Android or iOS device, or the mobile-optimized website running on your device.

The gambling industry has a big potential in Cameroon, as the country faces very fast expanding internet coverage. This can only mean great news for online casinos, which are expected to get more players in the following years. The need to play and place bets over the internet is in continuing growth, so it is only a matter of time until the authorities from this country will regulate this sector.

Cameroon’s Online Casino FAQ

Is it legal to gamble over the Internet in Cameroon?

Cameroon’s authorities don’t regulate online gambling like they do with land-based casinos. Players from Cameroon can freely pick the website which they prefer in order to play and place bets online. However, in the future, the authorities might issue laws or licenses for such an activity.

What is the minimum required age to gamble in this region?

The legal age required to gamble in Cameroon is 18 years. This applies for brick and mortar establishments as the authorities from this country don’t have control over the online casinos. All the gambling websites require registration and nobody under the age of 18 can’t create an account with them.

Is it safe to gamble at Cameroon’s online casinos?

The online casinos which accept players from this country have the best security, using 128-bit encryption which is also widely used by the biggest names in the banking industry. The RNG system is also the latest, so it’s fair to say that those websites are taking the users security very seriously. Players from Cameroon can benefit from this security measures if they register with these online casinos.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet to gamble online?

The possibility of gambling over a mobile device is conditioned by the internet coverage and also by the use of casino apps, or mobile-optimized websites from these casinos. A fast and reliable device will also improve your casino experience.

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