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Madagascar is a beautiful island republic in the Indian Ocean close to the African shores. There are 2 official languages Malagasy and French, whilst the people from this island are called Malagasy. It’s a place where you can be amazed by the biodiversity you can find over there. 90% of the wildlife can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. To preserve nature and everything it has to offer, tourism is not practised over here at a large scale, as the main tourism activity is the eco-tourism. If other islands are a lot more touristic and have plenty of tourists, Madagascar is quite an exclusive tourist destination where not many tourists have the opportunity to visit this island. What could be a very profitable activity is not exploited by the authorities and people of this island.

Madagascar’s economy relies on the manufacturing of clothes or the export of different goods related to food. Therefore, the GDP per capita is extremely low and almost 70% of the people living here are struggling in poverty. Access to the internet is extremely limited in Madagascar, as in 2010 less than 1% of the population had access to the internet. Figures didn’t dramatically change although the mobile and internet coverage is spreading like fire on the island.

Gambling is an activity which in other African countries is blooming with tourism, but since eco-tourism, it’s the most common form of tourism, this doesn’t encourage gambling. However, there are 2 known land-based casinos operating on the island: Carlton Madagascar and Colbert Hotel & Casino, but they are mostly frequented by tourists as there aren’t too many locals who can afford to gamble. Such establishments can only function in luxurious hotels. Gambling is considered legal in Madagascar, there are laws and regulations for it, but they only refer to land-based gambling locations, not to online casinos.

Madagascar casinos

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Best Online Casinos accepting players from Madagascar

Most recent statistics show that only about 2.1% of the population has access to the internet, so the telecom infrastructure is not very developed on this island. However, mobile operators from this country like Orange, Zain and Telma have started a campaign of building the communication infrastructure to very high standards. Malagasy people with access to the internet are free to try plenty of online casinos which can accept players from Madagascar. In order to gamble online, the people on this island would need:

  • A reliable internet connection (whether it’s mobile data or Wifi). Only about 2.1% of Malagasy have access to the internet, which means that less than half of million can navigate on the internet. This number is slowly decreasing, as the internet mobile coverage is fast spreading throughout the island;
  • A smartphone or a tablet with decent RAM memory, but also design graphics on it, in order to avoid lagging (which can also be caused by a slow connection) and to have a clear image;
  • An app downloaded for Android or iOS users, or the mobile-optimized website which is functional on a tablet or a smartphone.

In a poor country like Madagascar, the need to gamble is very high, but there aren’t many Malagasy who can actually gamble online, due to very low access to the internet. Since online gambling is not an option for plenty of the people living here, such activity is not yet regulated. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s illegal, on the contrary, Malagasy players are free to use plenty of websites who can accept users from Madagascar. Some of the online casinos which can be tried by the players from this island are Omni Slots, King Billy Casino, 1xBet Casino, Unibet and NetBet.

Online Casino Sites in Madagascar

Very low access to the internet and a large part of the population struggling in poverty are just a few reasons why there aren’t any gambling websites based in Madagascar. The local authorities don’t have regulations for online casinos, which means there aren’t any “filters” to block websites from being used in this country. Malagasy gamblers are free to use the website they prefer in order to play on their favourite video slot or table game like roulette, poker, blackjack or baccarat. There are plenty of options to look for when selecting an online casino, but the most important ones are security, available games, accepted payment methods for deposit and withdrawals, the withdrawal process, wager requirements and bonuses offered. Besides the websites mentioned above, players from this island can choose from Casilando, Lucky Slots, BGO Casino, VBet or InterCasino.

Casino Licences

A gambling authority can issue a licence for a casino to operate, but in Madagascar, the licences only apply for brick and mortar establishments, not for websites. The licence is basically the approval of an authority for such a business to operate. Since online casinos process sensitive data like personal info and banking details, the licence is a guarantee that the business can process such data in complete security. Most of the websites accepting players from Madagascar have already been licensed by gambling commissions from different countries of the world, so they are safe and secure to operate. To be licensed, an online casino must run the best 128-bit encryption and the latest RNG software. All Malagasy players can rest assure as most of these websites run such security measures, but to be sure they select the right one all the known details regarding the internet casino have to be studied.

Casino Gaming Options

To get familiar with a specific game or video slot, gambling websites can offer the option to play for free in the demo mode. This doesn’t require any registration but can give you the chance to experience the game or slot absolutely free. If you want to skip this mode, you can just register, make a deposit and play for real money. That way you can gamble your credit to your convenience on the video slot or game you prefer. Famous online casinos can offer a very wide variety of games from the best developers in the business (Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, NextGen, IGT, Yggdrasil, Betsoft or many more). Most of the releases from these names are highly trusted by players worldwide, offer a great gameplay and impressive payouts.

Players from Madagascar will need to try websites which have plenty of these games, but also provide the demo mode or the real money mode.

Payment Methods

Before registering to a website you will need to study very carefully the payments methods which are accepted in order to make a deposit or a withdrawal. Depending on this, the period of deposits and withdrawals can vary, but most of all, in some cases there can be some fees involved. Usually deposits credit your account instantly if you use a payment instrument like a card (debit or credit), but it gets a lot more complicated when you want to make a withdrawal. To withdraw money immediately is highly unlikely, but depending on the option you choose the period for this process can last from 1 to 7 working days (or even more). There are plenty of situations when withdrawals are subject to a fee, but this is depending entirely on the payment instrument you select for this process. You can use for such processes debit/credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or even Bitcoin. There are plenty of other payment instruments accepted, but you will need to select the ones with faster withdrawal process and lower fees.

Casino Bonuses

Malagasy players can benefit from the very interesting bonuses that online casinos can offer, whether they are welcome or fidelity bonuses. Such perks are offered by gambling websites to lure or to keep players. Fidelity bonuses are custom for players which are using frequently the video slots or games from a particular online casino. The welcome pack, on the other hand, is quite straightforward, it matches your deposit by 100% (or even more), but up to a certain limit. Also, free spins are often provided when registering with such a website. Some of the best welcome bonuses for Malagasy players are:

  • NetBet matches your deposit by 100%, up to 200 £, but it also offers 10 free spins;
  • Unibet offers 200% of your deposit, up to 200 £, adding an extra 10 free spins;
  • Casilando provides 100% of your initial deposit, up to 300 €.


Madagascar has an impressive potential when it comes to online gambling, because internet coverage is spreading at a fast pace, but also there is a growing demand for such activities.

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