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Situated in the central part of Africa, Malawi is a beautiful land-locked country which was a former British colony. The country’s main economic activity is agriculture, although the country can benefit a lot more from tourism. There are 2 official languages in Malawi and English is one of them. Like many other countries from Africa, this one is also struggling in poverty, but the pro-Western policy implanted by the Government may improve things a bit.

With a low GDP per capita, the internet is still considered a luxury in this country, as around 10% of the population has access to the internet. The mobile network operators from Malawi like Airtel Africa, TNM or G-Mobile are investing in the telecom infrastructure, but most of the people from Malawi can’t afford to subscribe to such service. If only about 10% of the population has access to the internet (from a total of around 18 million) you can imagine that not all of them are gamblers. The gambling pool in Malawi is small enough, but luckily for the players from this country, gambling is legal. Being a former British colony, it looks like they are more open-minded when it comes to this activity. In 1996 there was a Gaming Act released by Malawi Gaming Board which oversees the national lottery or the land-based casinos from this country. This Gaming Board regulates and controls the gaming industry of Malawi (it also issues licenses for gambling establishments).

Malawi’s casinos are just in the main cities of the country and for the moment there are only 2 licensed casinos Colony Club and American Pirates Casino. Usually, such establishments are visited by tourists, not many locals can afford to gamble. There is no mention of rules and regulations for online casinos, therefore players from this country are free to choose the website they like.

Malawi casinos

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Tips on Selecting Malawi’s Best Online Casino

Having just a small part of the population with access to the internet and plenty of people struggling in poverty are just a few reasons why there aren’t any online casinos based in Malawi. There are no regulations for online gambling (it’s not declared illegal) which means that plenty of gambling website can be used by players from this country. Licences are meant to authorize an internet casino, to establish if it’s safe to operate and to process player’s data. Since the authorities don’t want to help yet regarding this matter, Malawi players have to take a decision on themselves when it comes to choosing the online casino. This is not an easy decision, as there are plenty of facts to consider like:

  • A gambling website must take very seriously the security of its players. Using the latest 128-bit encryption and RNG software are just a few security measures which imply, as the internet casino processes sensitive data like personal information and banking details. The 128-bit encryption happens to be used by the biggest names in the banking industry, so it’s very secure. Players from Malawi will have to read a lot of information related to security for a gambling website before registering with them;
  • Conversion rate. Since there isn’t an online casino based in Malawi, it’s hard to believe that you can gamble in the local currency (Kwacha), so you may need to search for the best conversion rate when making a deposit because the local currency will be converted to an international currency like US dollar, euro or British pound.
  • Accepted payment instrument. This is definitely something to look for as there might be some differences when making a deposit or a withdrawal. The most common payment instruments are the debit/ credit card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or even Bitcoin. If deposits are crediting your account almost instantly, when making a withdrawal it’s a bit different. Depending on the payment instrument you select the period of this process can last from 1 day to 7 working days, or even more. (same day withdrawal is unlikely) Also, the withdrawal process may have some fees which vary depending on the payment instrument.
  • Available games and video slots. An online casino with the most popular games and video slots will have lots of users. Also, having releases from the biggest developers in the industry (Microgaming, IGT, Playtech, NextGen, NetEnt, BetSoft, Yggdrasil) will lure players to the website. Bottom line, a wide variety of slots (also popular slots) is something to look for on an internet casino;
  • Gambling websites can offer several types of bonuses like the welcome package or fidelity bonuses, to attract players or to reward them. You can only find out about the welcome bonuses before registering for an online casino. Most of them match your deposit by 100%, up to a certain limit and can also add some free spins to sweeten the deal. Some of the best offers for players from Malawi are:
  • InterCasino can offer you 900 €, plus an additional 110 free spins;
  • Video Slots matches your deposit by 100%, up to 200 € and offers an additional 10 €;
  • Unibet can offer 200% of your deposit, up to 200 £ and 10 free spins.
  • Wager Requirement. This is very important because it establishes how many times you have to multiply your deposit before making a withdrawal.

Main Advantages of Malawi’s Mobile Casinos

Gambling on a mobile device can be very exciting and also very convenient, because people of Malawi can gamble anytime and anywhere, as long as they have all of the following:

  • A reliable internet connection (mobile data of at least 3G or Wifi);
  • An app downloaded for Android or iOS users, or the mobile-optimized website running perfectly on a mobile device;
  • A trusty smartphone or tablet, with a good RAM memory and decent graphics (to avoid lagging and to have a clear image)

How to Play for Real Money Online on Malawi’s Gambling Sites

Online casinos can offer the players from Malawi the choice of playing for free in the demo mode or to play for real money. The demo version is for those who want to get familiar with a game or video slot and it doesn’t require any registration. However, to win some money when playing on the internet you will need to wager your own money. First, you may need to register with a website, make a deposit and then gamble the credit to your convenience. If you are lucky enough you will get a handsome payout and if the wagering requirement is met, then you can easily make a withdrawal.

Closing Thoughts

Malawi is one of the African countries with a great potential when it comes to online gambling because the need to gamble is high enough, this activity has been legal for more than 20 years and the internet coverage is spreading fast enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe it is to play on Malawi’s online casinos?

Most of the gambling websites accepting players from this country are safe and secure enough. Worldwide casinos have to pass licenses process on different gaming markets and gambling authorities from these countries are very strict when it comes to security on this websites. This is something that online casinos are taking very seriously, using the latest 128-bit encryption and RNG software. Such security measures are meant to protect sensitive data like personal information and banking details. In order to feel safe, any player from this country will have to read about the security features the website is offering.

What are the best game developers for a safe online casino in Malawi?

An important aspect game developers are looking for is the security of the players, using security measures like RNG systems and powerful encryptions. The biggest names in the business are also the most trusted ones and these names include Microgaming, NextGen, Playtech, NetEnt, IGT, BetSoft and Yggdrasil.

Why do Malawi’s online casino offer bonuses?

The purpose of the casino bonuses is to attract more players and to reward them. That’s why such gambling websites are competing against each other to get more frequent users on their games and video slots.

How to claim the Welcome Bonus?

Such a bonus can be claimed by registering with an internet casino and making a deposit. Usually, this type of perks consists of a sum of money to match the deposit, plus additional free spins.

Which are the most popular games?

The gambling pool is not very vast in Malawi, so it’s a bit early to find out which are the most popular games and video slots. It’s safe to assume that the most popular video slots from the worldwide online casinos are the most appreciated by the gamblers from this country.

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