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China Online Casino

While online gambling is considered illegal in mainland China, it does not mean that players cannot access a good online casino where you can enjoy your favourite titles. The truth is China does not have any licensed internet casinos, but gamers can find top East Asia online casinos that are China-friendly.

You may, however, be forced to use VPN tools to access the casinos if you want to enjoy your gaming sessions without too many issues. Underground casinos crop up often, but it is not advisable to play in such because the government closes them down; thus there is a risk of gamers losing their money. Explore some of the online casinos where you can spend time with different types of games below.

China Online Casino casinos

Best Online Casino Accepting Players from this Region

Despite government efforts to prevent players from accessing any China casino, the demand for gambling continues to grow in the country.  It is something that has led to the expansion of casinos in Australia, Macau, and other countries that accept players from this East Asia region. They design their sites in such a way suits the needs of Chinese gamers. This is done by introducing Chinese payments and language. This makes it easier for the Chinese to have a good time as they are going about their gaming sessions. A small section even offers special bonuses for players who come from China.

Chinese businessmen run a section in the offshore casinos which are licensed and hosted in regions where online gambling is legal. A majority of the gamers prefer to deal with bitcoin casinos because they ensure that the payers remain anonymous. Some of the best online casinos that accept players from this region are found in the table below.

Jackpot City 777 Casino Casino Land
River Belle Casino Yako Casino Black Diamond Casino

Online Casino Sites

Finding a properly licensed China casino whether online or offline is an impossible task. This, however, does not mean that you should not enjoy your gaming activities every once in a while. There are some sites that are not based in East Asia that accept players from this jurisdiction. You just have to be diligent while identifying the casino where you are going to play.

Where possible, always read reviews and go through the site a couple of times to make sure that you are dealing with a quality site that has a wide range of games and helpful customer support. In most cases, you might also have to hide the location where you are in by using top-grade VPN so that you can have a seamless gaming experience.

Be sure to check out the banking options that the casinos avail to choose the one that has deposit and withdrawal options you can easily work with. With most casinos, the currency you will be dealing with is the USD, but there are some that permit members to use the Chinese Yuan, Euro, and other currencies that their clients use.

History of Gambling in China

The history of gambling in this region dates back to the period before the Han era i.e. 206 BCE. It is the country where some famous games such as Keno and Pai Gow originated. After many centuries, the industry underwent numerous changes and during the period between 1930-1940, there was a rise in the number of gambling halls and casinos in Shanghai. However, gambling became illegal after 1949 which was the year that the Communist Party took over leadership.

Laws and Regulations

China’s primary legislation that regulates this subject is Article 303 of Criminal Law. This was last amended in 1997 and it states that whoever assembles a crowd to engage in gambling for the purpose of reaping profits or even makes gambling an occupation will be sentenced to not more than three years, public surveillance, or criminal detention. This is in addition to a fine.

Lawmakers in the country do not mess around when it comes to enforcing the laws that are put in place. There are even some internet providers that block off the gambling sites so that users do not have an opportunity of looking for some of the casino sites and placing real money wagers. Most financial institutions in the country also block any payments that a customer makes to access the casino services. This goes to show that as a player from China, you must be very careful when you want to engage in this sort of entertainment so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Are Online Casinos Allowed in China?

No, this is because this type of online gambling is prohibited in China according to the laws in the country. Many people who would like to spend time in a China online casino normally do it in an unlawful manner looking for providers who work in the “underground” casino world. If you happen to be caught making real money wagers in an East Asia online casino or an offline one, you will most likely face prosecution on serious charges.

Luckily, this rarely happens on the players’ side because the government mainly focuses on the casino operators rather than the gamers. The only areas where gambling is allowed include:

  • Macau – This is a small special territory that was under the Portuguese government until 1999. Playing casino in the region has been legal for quite a long time going back to the 1850’s. The area has very many casinos, and reports show that local casino operators have more revenue than what Vegas brings in. Macau is steadily rising to become the gambling centre of the world attracting gamblers from different parts of the globe.
  • Hong Kong – Even though it is still part of China, it is also a Special Administrative Colony that allows gambling in various sectors that include football betting, horse races, and Mark six lottery.

Truth be told, illegal gambling in China is very common where clandestine casinos, unofficial lotteries and betting in games go on without proper licenses. This is perhaps because the demand is there and the returns quite frankly are amazing the reason why some investors risk getting into this type of venture. There are have several attempts that have been made to try and make casino playing legal in China, but they have mostly been unsuccessful.

What Kind of Gambling is Legal?

There are only 2 types of gambling that are legal in China and both of them are state-owned. These include:

  1. The Sports Lottery – China Sports Lottery Administration Center is responsible for administering the lottery. The General Administration of sports regulates the lottery and it has been working since 1994 when the State Council authorized the issuing of the lottery tickets.
  2. The Welfare lottery – China Welfare Lottery Issuance Center administers this and it is regulated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It has been in existence since 1987 when the State Council authorized the issuing of these lottery tickets.

What is the Online Gambling Age?

Our readers must also note that China does not specify the legal age for dating because the country had not legalized gambling activities in the first place.

Shaping the Future

The future of gamblers in China may be bright where citizens and visitors alike might one day be able to access a China casino without breaking the law. The opinion is based on how these activities in Macao have become legal. Finally, this niche is a great platform for bringing in revenue that could help steer the country in a forward direction.

The government may, therefore, come up with ways that will make the gambling activities safer for the citizens by putting in place some laws that work in favour of the players. It could be something like gamers are only supposed to become members of the casinos that the government approves of.

On the other hand, the above statement cannot be said with confidence, because there have been efforts to legalize gambling without any success. Anyone who wants to play now can access the licensed gaming sites from other countries or make their way to the territories when gambling is legal.

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