Philippine Online Casinos

Philippines Online Casino

The Philippines represent the most substantial and formally regulated iGaming industry in entire Asia, along with its sprawling land-based casinos. You pretty much get the whole gamut of casino games to play and win real money in a safe and constructive environment. In turn, if you are a gambler from the Philippines, you can enjoy visiting top international casino sites in the UK, the US, Australia, China and many other countries that welcome you with open arms, amazing bonuses, and wide options of Filipino-friendly payment methods.

With a strongly established stature and stringent regulatory reforms, the Philippine Online Casino industry impacts as a promising destination for punters as today and more so in the near future.

Philippines Online Casino casinos

Best Online Casinos Accepting Players From Philippines

The Filipino Government is in the best interests to keep its gambling economy well within the country. Whatsoever; there is no legal barring clause as such for native punters to make a bet at overseas platforms and vice versa. A number of casinos outside of the archipelago serve to Filipino customers and accept Philippine Peso, attracting a good deal of interest in terms of adequate safety norms,  deposit and withdrawal methods, and they are allowed to play all the primary types of games, like slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker and eSports.

In 2016, The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, took the initiative of enforcing new regulatory reforms stratifying the operations of domestic Philippine casinos, as well as overseas web-based casinos that accept players from the Philippines. Though the entire online gambling operations in the country were stopped for a period, the primary point of the curfew was to crackdown illegal and unregulated gambling operations and websites in the country. An endeavour in which the Government was largely successful.

Now, the Philippines government cites all unlicensed casinos as illegal. Within the jurisdiction (that’s excluding the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Cagayan Freeport), all gambling operations are monitored and controlled by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), as it cocoons the entire gambling industry, both online and offline, into a completely fair and secure monopoly.

This highlights the fact as to what happens with the overseas casinos that entertain Filipino customers but are not licensed under the PAGCOR or are regularized as per its norms. It is not illegal for Filipino punters to go for overseas eGaming action.  However, Filipinos are extensively made aware of the gambling laws of their country and to be careful when choosing casinos overseas. Since the Philippines Government won’t be doing it for you, you will be on your own in these grounds.

The best online casinos that you can trust should be able to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Licensing — The license acts as the seal of trust for online casinos, and this is the most important element you would need to ensure, not only because you are staking real money, but also to safeguard from legal haywires concerned with offshore gambling.
  2. Casino Reviews — Just like when buying a new phone you look through the reviews, it is recommended the same way for choosing casinos. Go through both independent expert reviews, as well as player reviews to ascertain specific characteristics of your chosen casino for complete suitability.
  3. Payment Options — Choose casinos that incorporate safe payment methods and also review the withdrawal fees and other expenses.

Take your pick from our featured list of safe and reputed online casinos that accept players from the Philippines, offering an enjoyable gaming experience.

Online Casino Sites in the Philippines

The Philippines Government has polished the online gambling industry in the country, prim and proper. Given that there are many casinos that PAGCOR owns and operates itself, punters can expect utmost safety, fairness and transparency in their gambling experience. Philippine casinos that project this seal of trust on their website, are considered a safe and duly accredited gambling destination, wherein Filipino punters can enjoy a cognitive environment in terms of safety, fairness and responsible gambling.

The Philippines pose as an estimable destination for eGambling company formation for both native and overseas business owners. With the PAGCOR license being very valuable, it’s also costlier than many other licensing systems. However, once you are in, PAGCOR registered companies get substantial tax benefits.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in the Philippines

The PAGCOR is the state-owned regulatory authority that controls the operations of both land-based and web-based casinos in their entirety; except for the region of Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Cagayan Freeport, the Cagayan Economic Zone  Authority (CEZA) manages the gambling operations in this area.

Is Online Gambling Allowed in the Philippines?

Online gambling is definitely allowed in the Philippines under the strict criteria that Filipino gamblers are staking at licensed casinos only, whether domestic or international sites. Betting at unlicensed or unregulated casinos anywhere in the world is considered a punishable offence for Filipinos. So if you don’t see any PAGCOR seal or similar licenses that you recognize, you should best cross that casino off your list.

Is Offline Gambling Allowed in the Philippines?

In general, any casinos that are not recognized by the PAGCOR are illegal, and playing in there is illegal as well. But on the bright side, the PAGCOR operated casinos open a world of opportunities for Filipino gambling enthusiasts and tourists, with its very many brick and mortar casinos sprawling across the country, including the Resorts World Casinos, that’s the largest in the archipelago, along with more than 50 other such establishments.

What Is the Minimal Online Gambling Age in the Philippines?

The minimum gambling age for Philippines nationals is 21. Whereas for customers from other jurisdictions that may be playing at any Philippines casinos, their age limit should match up to the laws of their respective jurisdiction.

Can I Play in the Safe Online Casino in the Philippines?

The Philippine Government makes it sure that you do. Therefore, if you want to play it safe and enjoy the warm rewards of real money and lots of entertainment,  minus any haywires, religiously stick to either   PAGCOR or CEZA licensed sites and establishments.

History of Gambling in the Philippines

Gambling is not only an important part of the Philippines economy. It also has a strong social, cultural and historical impact on the people, such as with games like Sakla, that’s an honorary funeral custom of the community, among many others.

The earliest mention of gambling activities in the Philippines can be dated back to the 15th century, when cockfights used to be played in the archipelago, amongst common people. The Philippines had a sprawling gambling society, as it was common for many Asian countries in those times. The gambling activities were even more enhanced by the Spanish occupation, in the early 1900s, Cockfighting used to be a huge sport that induced betting.

During this period, many casino establishments, as well as foreign games, were introduced to the ever enthusiast Filipino society,  making it a prevalent sport unanimous of rich or poor. The sprouting up of huge money stakes was common, and so were the activities of money laundering. This drove the Colonial Governments to enforce certain regulations and penalties on the activities. This was carried on by the American occupants as well, that even tried to overall ban gambling from the Philippines.

By the 1930s, Institutionalized charitable gambling allowed horse racing and sweepstakes. By the mid-70s, the Philippine Government overtook the Gambling industry, notably with the incorporation of the PAGCOR. Finally, the new millennium ushered in the eGaming establishments that thrive today to host a promising contemporary of other gambling countries like Macau and Singapore in Asia.

The Future of Online Gambling in the Philippines

The current involvement and approach of the Philippine Government predict a bright future for its eGaming Industry. It has already established for itself premier repute in Asia with a definite growth from its previous turnovers of over $130 Billion in the past 3 years.

Furthermore, with the PAGCOR issuing licenses for 35 offshore gaming companies and making approximately a billion Philippine Peso out of the process, it’s obviously a giant move amongst any other Asian country. This largely validates that even though other Asian countries top the charts for their land-based casinos, the online gambling market in the Philippines is going to be the favourite jurisdiction for international brands to form their Asian establishments.

There you have it, the overall gaming scenario of Philippines that is a world of opportunities at the moment for punters that like to win, without being played. This enjoyable and cognitive gaming environment of the Filipino is just another example of their exotic, fun yet virtuous culture.  So go for it and be a part of the exotic experience.

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