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In today’s review, our primary focus is on what the online gaming industry has in store for Singaporean punters. To make sure that you have an easy time when you browse online to pick a suitable gaming spot, we’ve broken down everything for you in easily digestible bits. If you find this Singapore online casinos review helpful, feel free to share it with your fellow gamers.

Singapore casinos

Best Online Casinos in Singapore

Generally, the number of Singapore online casino sites has been rising steadily over the past decade. This makes it hard to know where to play especially for beginners since the volume of options is rather overwhelming. It’s quite difficult to know which one you can trust.  To get you started as quickly as possible, we have compiled a list containing some of the best online casinos for Singapore players. They are:

  • Casino Midas
  • Gala Casino
  • Betat Casino
  • Casumo
  • Play Ojo
  • Ruby Fortune

Is it legal to Gamble Online in Singapore?

In Singapore, the status of online casino is more of a grey area like in many other countries across the globe. In case you want to bet in brick and mortar facilities, we’d like to assure you that the law allows you to go and gamble in a regulations, however, make things a little more difficult for you as there’s a levy of S$100 in entry fees for every 24 hours that you want to gamble, with an S$2,000 annual fee.

The Common Gaming Houses Act, the Private Lotteries Act, Sweepstake Duties Act, and the Betting Act are the regulations that govern operations of any casino. Singapore also approved the Casino Control Act back in 2006, and this allowed the establishment of a maximum of two licenced physical casinos in the country for not more than 10 years.

Looking at online gambling in Singapore, technically there is no legislation existing to prevent it from happening. Therefore, many government attorneys agree that it is not unlawful to gamble on foreign casinos in Singapore. Many Singaporean players, therefore, take this advantage and play online a lot even though there are several offshore gaming sites blocked by the government. The good thing, however, is that a lot of online casinos have made it simple to Singaporean residents. Players are allowed to gamble with the local currency; the Singapore Dollar with the Chinese and Mala languages options in those sites.

Online Casino Games for Singapore Casinos

Playing Singapore casino games can be an electrifying experience especially if you know what you are doing. The titles available for Singapore online casino players have been created with the most advanced technology for a mind-blowing gaming adventure. The top games that players can access will, of course, vary from one gaming site to another.

Since their slots don’t require lots of thinking while playing, they are the most frequently played casino games. Apart from spinning the reels, other popular hits for Singapore players are the likes of blackjack, roulette, and poker, all which come with some remarkable variants. Instant win options like lotto games and scratch cards plus bingo options are also games that are regularly enjoyed by Singaporeans. The part about gambling in this Asian country is that you can play your games both on mobile and on the full site.

Online Casino Guide for Singaporean Players

Wondering how to make more money as you take part in your favourite games? Here are several tips that you can use in any online casino in Singapore to get the most out of the time you spend on gambling:

  • Choose Highly Rated Casinos Only

It is very important to consider the one that has high ratings because it means that a fair share of gamers has had a good experience there. Such Singapore online casino will have high payout percentages, safe and secure payment modes as well as fair games. Gaming sites with very low ratings on the other hand usually have problems, so you are better off not joining sites that have an alarming number of complaints.

  • Claim as Many Bonus Offers as you Can

In Singapore online casinos bonus promotions are lifesavers when it comes to online gambling. Claiming them will ensure that you use less of your money and win more as long as you’ve sharpened your gaming skills well enough. In fact, with rewards like the no deposit offers, you will get a risk-free chance that will reduce the weight of your loss in case you don’t win.

  • Read and Understand the Terms and Conditions

Every casino in Singapore has its terms and conditions that must always be met, whether you are taking on an offer or just signing up to be a member. It is important to read through them and understand to avoid redundant loss of money or even worse, losing your account because of infringing on one of the terms of use of the online casino.

  • Choose Online Casinos That are Available in your Local Language and Currency

For a fact, the only casinos that can accept players from Singapore are offshore gaming sites because of the tight gambling laws of the land. This means that there’s a good chance that they don’t support the Singaporean language or currency.

Luckily, some of these Singapore casinos have multiple language translation options and may even support local Asian languages such as Malay, Tamil and Mandarin apart from English alone. As such, always consider these types of online casinos because they are more user-friendly compared to the ones that don’t support multiple languages. You should also pick the ones that support your local currency because it will be cost-effective since you’ll avoid any currency conversion fees.

How to Access Online Casinos in Singapore?

Being known as one of the top countries with the world’s fastest internet connectivity, accessing Singapore online casino games is a problem for many players. To that effect, the most common way that local players access these online casinos is via flash instant-play gaming both on mobile devices and desktop. On the other hand, some gamers prefer downloading the casino games in their desktop computers or mobile gadgets and play from there for a smoother, more stable gaming session.

What are the Payment Options for Players in Singapore?

In Singapore, players use many different payment options when depositing and withdrawing money from the online casino. One of the most common ways of depositing funds is through electronic wallets. This is because it is a faster way of carrying financial transactions from any online casino. Those e-wallet payment systems include Neteller, InstaDebit, PayPal, Skrill among many others.

Credit and debit cards are also a popular method for deposits and withdrawals especially since there’s no need for creating new merchant accounts to get started gaming in Singapore online casino. Some of the accepted credit cards are VISA Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Delta and VISA Electron.

Direct banking, on the other hand, is not common in Singapore because of legislative restrictions that govern gambling in general. As a result, local banks find casino business quite risky to get involved in. To be on the safe side, it’s better to stick to e-wallets or card transfers.

What are the Advantages of Playing at Online Casinos in Singapore?

Even though the online casino laws are not enforced, a Singaporean player has many benefits when they play at any gambling site that accepts local members. Apart from the usual perks,  the most exceptional benefits of online gaming here are:

  • Fast & Smooth Access to all Types of Online Casino Games

The fact that there is super-fast internet connectivity in Singapore means that the players have smooth access to a vast range high-tech games that have heavy graphics. So, as a gamer, you can enjoy 3D slots, live dealer gaming, and even VR gambling without the connection buffering or timing out.

  • No Gambling Levies from the Government

As already stated, while land-based betting is accepted in Singapore, it’s heavily controlled. For every 24 hours, you have to pay the state S$100 plus an S$2,000 annual fee if you are a regular member. On the flip side, Singapore online casino could be considered a recreational activity by the state since you aren’t really visiting a brick and mortar facility.


As we have established in today’s review, you are free to play at any offshore Singapore casino. To make the most out of your gaming sessions, make sure you follow the tips that we’ve covered here. Happy gaming!


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