History of Gambling

Researchers of the history of gambling claim that dices were the first gambling tool. Cards have appeared later. They’ve significantly developed the concept of dices with dots, increasing the number of digits due to pictures and differentiating the deck thanks to suits.
gambling history
Casinos as the first places for organized betting appeared on the lands of modern Italy in the late Middle Ages. Those institutions have started the history of gambling with independent arbitration by the operator of a gambling house.

Religion and social morality have long considered stakes as the temptation of the devil and unworthy rest for honest people. However, the history of gambling has received a new round with the advent of a developed tax system both in the US states and in Europe. Legal casinos replenished the treasury and did not allow criminal elements to control such a profitable business. Central governments began to organize state lotteries, which have become the most popular kind of games of luck.


The next milestone in the history of gambling was the emergence of gaming machines in the late 19th century. Slots and video poker have reduced the minimum threshold for bets. They’ve accelerated the process of wagering and have made bets easier and more widespread. Online gambling has affected the industry similarly.

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