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Finns are ranked among the happiest people in the world. But, are they really happy or excited about gambling too? Or what are the gambling opportunities? You are going to get all the details in this Finland online casino review.

Gaming in Finland Casinos

Finns are one of the big fans of casino games, and gambling is a part of Finn's life. However, the country has made its monopoly in gaming. For the same reason, you would get a limited number of local online casinos. But these casinos will never disappoint you. They comprise a considerable list of casino games that include slots, table games such as Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and lottery. Their different variations fascinate punters and make them enjoy gaming to the fullest.
In spite of this, they also offer various payment methods that make it easy for the player to make a deposit and withdraw. Numerous bonus features such as no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, weekly bonus are associated with different Finland online casinos that are perks for its players.

Finland Online Casino casinos

History of Gaming

Gaming was prohibited in the country to a certain period. After the country got independence in 1917, it was trying to build the nationalism in the country. Also, at the same time, Finns used to wager on lotteries and football pools in Sweden. This was something that benefited Sweden, and they wanted the gambling profit as the addition to the country's economy. Thus, for this reason, they legalised gambling in the country.

The state legalises money lotteries and horse racing in the 1920s, and from then on, Finns are thriving in these wagering activities.

Current Gambling Status of Finland Casinos

No doubt, Finland has legalised gaming; however, only nation-based operators can offer gaming services in the country. Foreign operators are not allowed to provide their services in the state. This made limited access to trusted online casinos. However, international online gambling platforms accept users from all over the world including Finland and Finns participate in gaming activities excitedly.

Also, the country has taken this activity towards a magnanimity. All the profit from this industry is funded by the government in medical, educational and various other fields. It has made gambling a regular part of Finns lives. They willingly spend an average of £12 (14 Euros) every week on gaming activities.

Gambling Regulatory Bodies

All the gambling activities and its market are owned by three state-owned entities. These are namely Fintoto Oy, RAY, and Oy Veikkaus AB. These are further described as follows:

  • RAY

Finland's slot machine association named RAY (Raha-Automaattiyhdistys) was a non-profit gaming regulatory body owned and controlled by the government. After the independence, RAY came into existence, when the state legalised horse-racing and money lotteries.

RAY earned its profit from slot machines, casino games, and digital gaming platforms. This profit was used for a social cause such as health and welfare.

According to RAY, after the successful launch of online gaming in the country, about 7,000 Finns enrolled themselves within two months of launch, and this percentage got a hike to a significant number within a year.

  • Veikkaus

After a month of the Winter War in Finland, the government formed another gambling body named Veikkaus in 1940. It organised football pools and also resulted in decreasing the effect of radicalisation from the country that arose during the war.

Its gambling monopolies brought about social orders. Its profit was used to provide aid to the victims of the war and also advertised the same. Thus, promote gambling in a new social way. Initially, the agency offered sports betting only but further in 1971, and it promoted the national lottery also.

  • Fintoto

Fintoto is a company that organises horse racing in the country and was founded in 1997. Its headquarter was located in Espoo. It mainly focuses on equestrian sports and horse-breeding.

Integration of Governing Bodies

Veikkaus got merged with RAY and Fintoto on January 1, 2017. The company formed after the inclusion of three independent gambling regulatory companies and it came to be known as Veikkaus. Now, this is the only company that has the monopoly for gambling activities and its market.

Finland Online Casino

PAF, a gambling regulatory body in Aland Island got the licence to run the first ever online casino in the country in 1991. It offered slots, poker, Bingo and online sports betting. It attracted numerous people, and further, RAY also gained permission for providing online gaming service in the country in 2010. It launched its own website with a good number of slots, table games, Poker, the RAY jackpot and many more.

Eventually, Veikkaus and Fintoto got the licence for online gaming. Further, only Finland based operators have the legal rights to offer these services in the country. However, there are no such laws that prevent foreign operators to serve their games online in the country.

How to Choose Finland Best Online Casino

It is essential to choose the right casino that is safe to play and should offer its support in Finnish. The user should filter the list of online casinos that are safe to play.

Further, the certification from renowned regulatory bodies is another mark of safety. The sites that are certified from Malta, the UK, Curacao, Gibraltar and other illustrious bodies are completely safe to go. You can see its logo at the bottom of the casino site.

Also, various sites offer multilingual support that involves English, Swedish, Finnish, and so on. You can simply choose the language you are comfortable with and get all your queries solved.

Benefits of Finland Mobile Casino

In this era of smartphones and tablets, online casinos have also created their space in their world. Now, most of the casinos are available on mobile phones and tablets powered by Android, MacOS, and Windows. These games are available with high-quality graphics and sound similar to big screens.

You simply need to download the casino app and get registered. Additionally, you can relish your favourite games anywhere, anytime. Now, mobile casinos have included mobile wallets also. It is easier to make deposit and withdrawal also.

Playing at Real Money Online Finland Gambling Sites

After choosing the right casino to play real money games, you are required to register yourself on the site. Further, add up some money to your account, you are comfortable with and plunge into the gaming.

Also, a player would get a number of payment options that make it easy to deposit and withdraw money.

Further, you can play casino games with real money on any site powered by Veikkaus. These are the only legal sites in Finland. However, there are no such provisions for the prevention of the use of foreign casino websites. So, players can opt for international gambling platforms operating worldwide.

Closing Note

This cold country relishes gaming in its own way. It spends all the profit gained from gambling on a social cause such as medical and educational purposes.

A player can get a wide range of about 70,000 games to relish. Finland is the country that is most involved in gaming activity across Europe, and the players can be spoilt for choice by the local and international gambling platforms.

Get excited like Finns and go crazy with the amazing free online slots.


  • Are Finland online casinos safe to play?

Yes, the casinos that are certified by renowned gambling regulatory bodies are safe to play.

  • What are the best Finland online casino software?

Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are some of the best online casino software providers in Finland.

  • Why do Finland online casinos offer bonus/es?

Bonuses are part of the marketing strategy of casinos that attract lots of punters. However, they may involve various wagering requirements and other terms also.

  • How do I claim my Welcome Bonus?

You simply need to sign up and deposit at least the minimum required amount to your account, and then, you can claim the Welcome bonus.

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