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Brazil is one of the most populated nations in the world with over two hundred million residents as recorded in their last census. Brazil boasts a thriving economy with numerous industries being exploited in the generation of revenue for the government. However, gambling is one of them. Of the twenty states with the strongest economies but illegalized gambling, Brazil is the only nation that does not depend on religious beliefs for the placement of a ban on gambling. Unlike countries like Saudi Arabia that simply rule out gambling due to its discouragement in Sharia Law, understanding the reason behind the prohibition in Brazil is a bit more complex than that. Brazil has a long history in gambling with bans applied and lifted from time to time over the past couple of decades. The nation was first introduced to gambling through lottery-style games more than one hundred and twenty years ago, which paved the way for other forms of gambling like horse race netting and bingo. In 1930, a law was passed that made it officially legal for the activity to take place within Brazilian borders, which saw the entry of a handful of brick and mortar casinos and bingo halls. At some point, Brazil was home to the biggest gambling destination in South and Central America, which attracted even A-list celebrities like Walt Disney and Greta Garbo.
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The reign of legal gambling was short lived for this nation as the government passed the Criminal Convention Act in 1941 that made it illegal for citizens to indulge in any games of chance. This development saw all casinos in the region closed, and no more licenses were granted. In the 1950s, however, the government introduced the national lottery system that was legalized to run nine such systems. Additionally, seventeen states out of the twenty-seven in the jurisdiction launched their own.

The thriving nature of the lottery system prompted the government to legalize the opening of bingo halls in 1993, and with time, they were allowed to host at most four hundred slot machines. Brazil casinos thrived during the time with hundreds of bingo halls being opened and millions of dollars in turnover was recorded. In 2007, however, the supreme court in Brazil banned all forms of gambling again, except the national lottery system. All licenses that had been granted were voided, but this time, the gaming industry moved underground.

When it comes to online gambling, the law is not clear on its legal status. Even though the practice of playing in games of chance is considered illegal in any of the local bodies, nothing prohibits the provision of services to Brazilians by international bodies. With more than one hundred million people in Brazil having access to the web, big companies like NetEnt and Microgaming have tapped into this massive market. Currently, even though gambling is mainly underground in Brazil, more than 3.7 billion dollars are used in gambling every year. This amount has in recent years seen the government take steps into changing the law to regulate the market and use it as a source of revenue, but no law has been passed as of the moment.

Selection Process of the Best Brazilian Casino

The laxity of the Brazilian government in limiting access on online gambling services by their citizens despite exercising a ban has allowed exposure to thousands of gambling destinations to punters. These gaming sites come in sorts of shapes and sizes providing a variety of services all related to gambling. Therefore, finding a gambling destination for Brazilians is a piece of cake. The real load comes in finding a reliable Brazil online casino that provides fair and secure services. The web is known to crawl with mountebank gambling dens that apply chicanery on unsuspecting clients. However, even in an unregulated market like Brazil, gamblers can use some methods to steer clear of rogue sites and get their money’s worth in reliable websites. Some of these revelatory elements of the best casinos include:

  • Operating license

Even though Brazil does not grant any licenses to online casinos, some bodies from other regions that hold weight even in international jurisdictions can be used as tell-tales. One of these bodies is the UK Gambling Commission, which is considered the most trustworthy the world over. The UKGC is responsible for overseeing the casino industry in the United Kingdom. The tough laws it applies in ensuring the safety of gamblers has gained the attention of numerous other gaming regions, which has seen its opinion carried in high regard in other countries.

Other licensing firms that have acquired such statuses include:

License Provider Jurisdiction
Malta Gaming Authority Malta
Gibraltar Regulatory Body Gibraltar
Gambling Supervision Commission Isle of Man
Alderney Gaming Control Commission Alderney

With these licenses, Brazil players can be sure that their chosen gaming club has been examined to certify its aptitude in the delivery of real money gambling services.

  • Payment methods

With the billions of dollars being pumped into gaming by Brazilian residents, it is evident that most of them visit online casinos for some real money satiate. The use of cash to gamble on the web is supported by online cashier channels, which conduct both deposits to casino accounts and withdrawals from them. When choosing the best gaming site, it is crucial to ensure that it provides payment options that are easily accessible in Brazil such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and credit cards. The speed of withdrawals processing should also be considered along with any fees that apply to ensure they are within one’s spending limits.

  • Availability

Even though no strict measures are applied to stop online gambling in Brazil, the fact that it is not a regulated market causes some casinos to bar access by its residents. Regions like Brazil are considered grey areas where gambling services can be offered, but the state of their legality is up for question. Thus, one has to confirm whether they are allowed to gamble in the gaming site they are eyeing, and if not, whether they allow the use of VPNs for access.

Brazil Mobile Casinos

Out of the over one hundred million people in this nation that have access to online gaming services, most of them do so using smartphones and tablet devices. The rise in mobile use to access the internet is witnessed in not only Brazil but also the world over. In recent years, most gaming firms have invested heavily in the provision of mobile services, and the platform has knocked the use of desktop computers out of the water both in terms of popularity and revenue generation. The upsides that have precipitated such wide use of these gadgets include:

  • Portability

Even with the introduction of online gambling on desktop devices, mobility was still an issue since the devices are bulky and required to be constantly plugged in to run. Smartphones, on the other hand, are small and can be carried around anywhere.

  • Mobile bonuses

Some Brazilian casinos encourage the use of mobile gadgets to access their services by providing sweeteners to those that launch their services on the devices or provide their phone numbers during registration.

Real Money Gameplay

Real money gameplay may be illegal in Brazil, but it is rampant. Most casinos that offer their services in the region allow the use of cash when gaming, which generates the same in winnings. Before engaging in gameplay, especially for new sets, players are advised to try out free versions first.

It is important for Brazilian gamblers to note that any repercussions that apply to real money gaming are applied to them alone without the inclusion of the casino they were playing in. Therefore, gambling is at one’s own risk. Even so, you can create accounts with some of our verified gambling destinations and place real money stakes to collect the same in wins.


How safe is it to gamble in Brazilian online casinos?

Due to the unregulated nature of the Brazilian gaming market, the safety of gambling lies entirely in the punter’s capability to choose a trustworthy gaming site.

Which software providers are considered the best in the provision of games to Brazilian casinos?

NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, and Playtech are some of the biggest and best online game developers that allow access to their services by players of this region.

Why are incentives offered in Brazilian casinos?

Bonus offers have long been used by online casinos as a way to land new players and to keep the existing ones happy enough to come back.

How do I claim a welcome bonus?

Different casinos apply different procedures for claiming the welcome bonus. Most of them usually require one to open an account and make a deposit.

Which games are the most played in Brazilian casinos?

Slots machine games dominate as the highest demanded casino games globally, including in Brazil.

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