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Burundi is a landlocked country struggling in poverty, located in the centre part of Africa. Less than 25 years ago, this country was in a civil war and they still haven’t recovered since. The GDP per capita is less than 900 $, which makes this country very poor. The progress of technology can be barely seen over here. Only a small portion of the population has access to the internet and as you can imagine gambling is not a very popular activity in Burundi for several reasons:

  • Officially, according to the laws from 2008 gambling and lotteries are considered illegal in Burundi, although the country runs the national lottery called LONA. There is also a land-based casino which operates in Burundi (owned by the international chain Lydia Ludic), but perhaps the only reason why this is still running is that they are providing jobs for locals (so you can call it service to the community);
  • The income in Burundi is very low, so you can imagine that there aren’t many persons who can afford to gamble;
  • Internet coverage is not something very common in this country, so you can imagine that online gambling is something very limited.
Burundi casinos

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Choosing Burundi’s Best Online Casino

If gambling in land-based establishments and lotteries are officially forbidden in this country, there is no mention of online casinos. They are not regulated over here and nowhere in Burundi’s laws is written that this type of activity is illegal. Even if it was, the authorities from this country would not have the technology to monitor this. Some of the most important online casinos may accept players from Burundi, but they need a reliable internet connection and also a trusty device to play on these websites.

Players from Burundi are free to select the website which best suits their needs and when making such decision it’s important to take into consideration a few very important aspects:

  • The video slots and games available. It’s important to choose a casino with a wide variety of games and video slots available from the top game developers because the software they have uses high encryption and a very powerful RNG tool. This is a very good thing for the gameplay, but most of all for the safety of the players;
  • Welcome bonuses. When choosing a casino this may be the most attractive feature the casinos has to offer. They can match your initial deposit by 100% or even more, but up to a certain amount of money. Also, many of them can offer additional free spins;
  • Deposits and withdrawals. When making a deposit is not only important the welcome bonus which can match your deposit, but also the payment instrument you can use for making it. Normally the deposit should credit your account immediately, but it’s important to use a website where other payment instruments are accepted. The most common ones are the card (debit/credit), PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or even Bitcoin. When it comes to withdrawals, it’s very important how long the withdrawal process lasts. You may need to have an option for fast withdrawals. Same day withdrawal may be something very rare, but you still need to find an option which can withdraw your money really fast;
  • Wager requirements. A very important aspect when selecting an online casino is the wagering requirement. In other words, how many times you will need to gamble your initial deposit before withdrawing your money. For a 20x wager requirement at a 50 $ deposit, you will need to have 1000 $ into your account to make a withdrawal.

You will need to study every aspect from above when choosing the website which best suits your needs. Since there is a wide variety of choices for Burundi players and most of them coming from world-renowned casinos, all those aspects may appear very attractive. The difference can be made by the welcome bonus, which is slightly different from a website to another. Some of the most attractive welcome packages are offered by:

  • Unibet which gives you 200% of your initial deposit or up to 200 £, but also it offers 10 free spins;
  • NetBet matches your deposit by 100% or up to 200 £ and also provides 10 free spins;
  • PokerStars offers you 100% of your deposit or up to 600 $.

These online casinos will not offer you the possibility to use the local currency of Burundi, but you can make a deposit in this local currency and then convert it to an international currency like the US dollar, the euro or the British pounds. The exchange rate is also an important fact, because you may need to look for the best exchange rate you can find out there.

Advantages of Mobile Casinos

You can play on mobile casinos in Burundi if you have a reliable internet connection, whether it’s 3G or Wifi, a downloaded app for an online casino (or their mobile-optimized website) and of course, a trusty mobile device (smartphone or tablet). For the mobile device, you will need it to be high on RAM memory, but also to have very good graphics. If you have all of these you can play and gamble on the move, or within the comfort of your own house using a mobile device.

Playing for Real Money at Burundi’s Online Casinos

Although most of the websites can let you try a video slot for free in the demo mode, to discover how much money you can actually win from playing a game on an online casino, you will need to play for real money. This is when the deposit aspects are very important, because it will credit your account, so you can gamble the credit at your convenience on any game you prefer. The exchange rate will influence the value of the credit on your online account, so you will need to look for the best exchange rate on these websites and choose the one which best suits you.

The wager requirement is also something you will need to consider because you will not be able to make a withdrawal unless you multiply your deposit by x times. Then you will only need to enjoy the games from the online casinos and hopefully to watch your payout boost.


In order to be engaged in online gambling in this country, you will need to afford it and you will need to have the necessary technology (internet and reliable mobile devices). Online casinos from this country can only become more popular if more persons have access to the internet. The need for gamble is high enough, but there is not much technology to facilitate it. There are plenty of things to improve in Burundi and access to the internet is amongst them. Playing and placing bets over the internet still has a great potential in this country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe it is to play in Burundi’s online casinos?

There are top websites which are accepting players from this country and they take very seriously the protection of its players. With very powerful encryption used and the most performant RNG system, such websites are keeping their users safe. The 128-bit encryption (which is also used by major banks) can protect sensitive data like personal information or banking details.

What are the best Burundi’s online casino software providers for a safe online casino?

All the major websites have in their offer video slots from the best game developers in the business: Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, IGT, Yggdrasil Gaming, NextGen or BetSoft. Therefore, players from this country have access to all the games released by these giants of the gambling industry.

Why Burundi’s online casinos offer bonuses?

Welcome bonuses and other forms of compensations are used to lure players to these websites, but also to reward their fidelity. Players from this country can benefit from the bonuses offered by the major online casinos.

How to claim the welcome bonus?

To lure more players to their website, online casinos offer very attractive welcome bonuses. To get this kind of perks you need to register with a website of your choice and make a deposit. Your initial deposit can be matched by 100% or up to a certain sum and you can also get some free spins to use on the video slots.

What are the most popular games?

There isn’t much information about the preferred video slots or themes of the Burundi users, most likely they prefer the games which are highly promoted on the major online casinos. Usually, the most popular slots are amongst the most successful ones in Burundi as well.

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