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Mali is one of the biggest countries in Africa, being a landlocked country in the Western part of Africa. The Northern part of the country is in the Sahara Desert, which is why most of the population is concentrated in the Southern part in the valleys of the Niger and Senegal rivers. At least 55% of the country’s population is Muslim, so gambling is really not an option in Mali, in fact, is quite illegal. However, there might be a few underground establishments where it’s possible to gamble, but still, it’s illegal.

French is the official language as this country was a former French colony and the main economic activities are agriculture and gold mining. However, the country is struggling in poverty and conflicts (in the Northern part of the country). Gambling is considered an illegal activity, but there aren’t any persons prosecuted for wagering online. Most likely, they don’t have the necessary technology to track online gamblers. Only a small part of the population has access to the internet (currently it’s believed to be lower than 5%), so the gambling pool is not too vast. With the internet coverage growing at a fast pace, it is expected that more players will gamble on such websites. There is no online casino based in Mali (gambling is illegal), but that doesn’t mean that gamblers from this country can’t gamble online on famous online casinos. Nobody was yet persecuted in Mali for playing on internet casinos.

Mali casinos

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How to Choose Mali’s Best Online Casino?

Malians have to study thoroughly all the details related to a gambling website because this activity is not encouraged and there is no gambling committee in Mali. There are plenty of important facts to look for when selecting an online casino, but the most important ones are:

  • This is probably the most important detail Malians will have to look for as it is related to their data safety. They will have to find out what kind of security measures on online casino operates to keep their data safe, whether it is personal data or banking details. The most reliable protection, in this case, is the 128-bit encryption, which happens to be used by most banks nowadays. The RNG system also plays a very important role, so it’s necessary to be up to date;
  • Conversion rate. The local currency for Mali is the West African CFO Franc, but there are no online casinos accepting this currency. So, they will need to make a deposit and convert the money into an international currency like the US dollar, euro or British pound. Finding the best conversion rate can help save a bit;
  • Available video slots and games. The best thing to do is to study the offer of available games on each online casino. A famous casino should always have a wide variety of popular video slots and also the best releases from the biggest names in the business (Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, NextGen, BetSoft, IGT, Yggdrasil);
  • The payment instruments accepted. This detail can prove to be very important when making a deposit or a withdrawal. There can be significant differences on this matter, especially when you are withdrawing money. If the deposit goes straight away into the account, in most of the cases no fees are involved, with withdrawals it’s a bit more complicated. It’s highly unlikely for the money to reach your account immediately when doing this procedure, but depending on the selected payment instrument, this process can take from 1 day to 7 working days (or even more). There might be some fees involved, so studying the withdrawal options related to each payment instrument is highly recommended;
  • Internet casinos offer such perks to attract more players and to reward fidelity. If the fidelity bonus is not something you can find straight away, it’s not the same thing with the welcome package, which may include cash (100% of the deposit or even more), but also some free spins may be included in here. Some of the best bonuses offered by gambling websites for Malians players are:
  • Slotocash Casino provides 31$ in free cash and all you need is to register with them. If you make a deposit they will match your deposit by 200%;
  • Superior Casino offers 37$ as a No Deposit Bonus, but if you do make a deposit they will match the deposit by 400%, or up to 2000$.
  • Wager requirement. This is something you need to look for, to find out how many times you have to multiply your deposit before making a withdrawal.

Advantages of Mali’s Mobile Casinos

Gambling on a mobile device can give you mobility and flexibility, you can actually gamble in Mali on the move. In order to do that, you will need to have all of the following:

  • A fast enough internet connection (at least 3G mobile data or Wifi);
  • A reliable mobile device, smartphone or tablet with good RAM memory and decent graphics because lagging has to be avoided (which can also be caused by a slow internet connection) and a clear image is required;
  • An app downloaded on an Android or iOS device or the mobile-optimized website which runs perfectly fine on such devices.

Playing for Real Money Online on Mali’s Gambling Websites

Internet casinos are plenty of opportunities, they can even give Malians the opportunity to play for free in the demo mode, without having to register, that’s if they need to get familiar with a certain game. However, to find out what is the winning potential of a video slot or game, you will need to play on these websites for real money. In order to that, you will need first to register with an online casino, make a deposit and then use the credit to gamble at your convenience on your favourite video slot. At this point, you can select from the wide variety of games available to discover the one which best suits you. It can be a simpler one, or another one with plenty of special features to multiply your winnings.


Mali may not have the brightest future when it comes to gambling because there are several facts which are blocking the development of this activity. However, more players from this country can still appear and for them, there are plenty of websites to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really safe to play at Mali online casinos?

There isn’t any online casino based in Mali, so players from this country are free to select the gambling website which best suits their needs. Worldwide casinos are accepting players from Mali and in most of the cases, they take security very seriously. After all, they process sensitive data like personal info and banking details, so using the best encryption and RNG system is something they are proud of. Now, Malians can benefit from the extra security offered by these websites.

What are the best software providers for safe online casinos in Mali?

The best game developers offer the safest software and video slots. Their releases can be found on the most appreciated gambling websites. Online casinos are often providing safe games from big names like Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen, Playtech, BetSoft, IGT, Yggdrasil and many more.

Why bonuses are offered by Mali online casinos?

Worldwide online casinos accepting players from Mali offer bonuses to attract players to their website and to award their fidelity if a customer patronizes the casino for a certain period of time.

How do I claim my Welcome Bonus?

The welcome package can be a decisive factor when choosing an online casino and you can claim it by registering with a gambling website and making a deposit on it. In most of the cases you will be awarded cash to match your deposit (100% or even more), but up to a certain limit. Sometimes, the welcome package also includes some free spins for you to use on your favourite video slot.

Which games are most popular?

As gambling over the internet is not yet practised on a large scale is very hard to determine which are the most popular games for Malians. Most likely, they enjoy the most appreciated video slots (or the most promoted ones) from the worldwide gambling websites.

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